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New technologies for the ultimate treatment of the human body

Medtechnology Group supplies healthcare clinics, medical professionals, businesses, and insurance carriers with high-quality medical tools, equipment, and programs. Surplus medical equipment and supplies are recovered primarily from hospitals, clinics, and major medical manufacturers in the U.S, with qualities that surpass any major European or Asian standard. We help the sick and needy through medical supply recoveries, distribution programs, and education and awareness opportunities.

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FemiScan is a unique concept for clinical and home treatment of urinary incontinence

FemiScan Home Trainer

FemiScan Home Trainer is an interactive biofeedback device for women. Home Trainer monitors muscle activity during every contraction and saves data from every training session. The instrument is primarily designed for the treatment of stress incontinence. However it works well for urge and mixed incontinence too.

Home Trainer is the right choice when rehabilitating pelvic floor muscles after childbirth.

Home Trainer has been designed to be extremely easy-to-use, safe and hygienic, thereby it is suitable for home use. In addition, Home Trainer can be used at the clinic where it is possible to assess the results and adjust the training program with the healthcare professional.

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Our primary goal is to be the best place to heed the medical needs of individuals and collaborative groups. We are committed to solving the global changes of the healthcare environment.We are a company of people motivated in helping you select the right medical treatment to fit your individual needs and help improve the quality of your health.

EEG electrode BrainStatus

EEG electrode BrainStatus set is a solution to the diagnostics problems in the field use and emergency room applications. The EEG electrode set is disposable and, unlike traditional headbands, it is placed on the hairless areas of the patient’s head, which makes proper placement easier and faster.

Studies carried out at Kuopio University Hospital have shown that BrainSatatus EEG electrode set enables reliable quick diagnostics. The electrode set significantly speeds up the recording process because there is no need for any special pre-treatment of the patient’s skin in any way or to use any separate gels.

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