EEG electrode BrainStatus

EEG electrode BrainStatus set is a solution to the diagnostics problems in the field use and emergency room applications. The EEG electrode set is disposable and, unlike traditional headbands, it is placed on the hairless areas of the patient’s head, which makes proper placement easier and faster.

Key advantages


Studies carried out at Kuopio University Hospital have shown that BrainSatatus EEG electrode set enables reliable quick diagnostics. The electrode set significantly speeds up the recording process because there is no need for any special pre-treatment of the patient’s skin in any way or to use any separate gels. As the BrainStatus headband is flexible and solid, the electrodes get automatically placed in their correct places. Furthermore, there is no need to move the patient’s head when putting on the forehead EEG electrode set, which is especially important in patients possibly suffering from a neck or skull injury.

Due to the fact that the electrode set is easy and fast to use, it is particularly well-suited to be used in emergency care, in ambulances and even in field conditions. Thanks to the material of the electrode set, there is no need to remove it for computer tomography scans.

The use of EEG recordings in emergency care will benefit many patients. For instance, EEG recordings can be used in emergency, intensive and primary care to diagnose a variety of brain electrical activity disorders associated, for example, with head traumaserious brain injurycerebral infarctioncerebral haemorrhagesubarachnoid haemorrhagestates of poisoning and atypical altered states of consciousness.

In many cases, an acutely performed EEG recording and the start of a proper treatment will significantly reduce the need for aftercare and rehabilitation. This, in turn, will drastically improve the cost-effectiveness of the treatment chain.

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