FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I insert the Home Trainer into my vagina?
Q: Should I train in supine or in standing position?
Q: What are the typical mistakes in pelvic floor muscles training?
Q: Is it possible to use the device during pregnancy?
Q: What is the suitable frequency to do FemiScan training per week?
Q: When can I expect any effects and results of my training with FemiScan Home Trainer?
Q: Can any lubricants be used with the Home Trainer?
Q: Do I need to switch off the Home Trainer in the end of training session?
Q: The Home Trainer is not starting. What should I do?
Q: How can I switch off the device, if I need to interrupt the training suddenly for some reason?
Q: When I am doing my daily training and someone interrupts me and I stop the training. Is there any results saved into the memory?
Q: How can I adjust the volume of the device?
Q: How long does the battery last?
Q: Is it possible to use rechargeable battery with the Home Trainer?
Q: When do I need to remove the battery from the Home Trainer?
Q: How should I clean the device after use?
Q: Do I need to remove the Cover from the Home Trainer after each training?
Q: I have nickel allergy. Can I still use FemiScan?
Q: When should I replace the Cover with a new one?
Q: Do I need to disconnect the headphones from the device after each training session?
Q: Can any other electronic equipment disturb the measurement?
Q: Can the Home Trainer be used with patients, who have cardiac pacemaker?